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“Brent Hunter’s book, The Rainbow Bridge, highlights religious traditions’ common theme — the need to cultivate inner values like love and compassion if we are to create a happier, more peaceful world. This commonality is the main reason why we can say that the core essence of all the world's major religions are the same and that they should co-exist harmoniously in the service of humanity. I believe that readers who are interested in love, kindness, inner peace and a better world may find much in this book to inspire them.”
“From the beginning of time all we’ve ever wanted is to love and be loved, and from the beginning of time all we’ve ever done on this planet is make it nearly impossible to experience our highest desire. That is because we have imagined in our illusions that one of us is somehow better than another. This idea of “betterness” has created divisions between religions, between cultures, between people and between nations. The idea is also a false thought, directly contradicting the greatest teaching of all religions in the world which, put into one sentence, reduces itself to a simple truth: We are all one. The Rainbow Bridge, a wonderful treasure conceived by Brent Hunter, is a demonstration of that truth that you can hold in your hand. Once held in your hand, you will hold it in your heart as well and it will illumine your soul.”
The Rainbow Bridge is a must-read book for anyone who wishes to understand the common ground in the world’s major wisdom traditions, to understand what binds us all together, and to understand what steps we might take to create a bridge to a better world.”
“I like to say that we can either take control of our lives or someone else will. The Rainbow Bridge is a powerful example of how we can take control of our future by coming together, united by a common vision of peace, to create a better world for all. Let’s work together to make world peace a reality by creating a new global operating system for the 21st century.”
The Rainbow Bridge highlights time-honored values – service, kindness, and the sanctity of the life process- in service of a better future we can create together. Readers of all ages will find in Brent Hunter’s collection of original aphorisms and powerful quotations inspiring fuel for contemplation as well as an uplifting introduction to some of the greatest mystics, both ancient and modern.”
“Brent Hunter’s Rainbow Bridge wonderfully illuminates Einstein’s statement: ‘When the solution is simple, God is answering.’ This simple, profound and practical path, graced with marvelous examples, of how individuals and nations can live in peace is a must read for all. Thank you, Brent, for such a joyful and demonstrable book.”
“Religions of the world are increasingly becoming more and more divisive. My Grandfather, Mohandas K. Gandhi, once said: Unfortunately mankind has learned just enough from religion to hate and not enough to love. He also said: religion is like climbing a mountain. Everyone is ultimately going to reach the same peak, so why should it matter which side of the mountain one chooses to climb? In his book “The Rainbow Bridge”, Brent Hunter exemplifies these Truths. If humanity is to be saved from utter doom it is important that all of us, individually and collectively, take the first step to learn from all the religions of the world that love is more powerful and positive than being consumed by hate. The Rainbow Bridge is the first step in the right direction.”
“Our great wisdom and spiritual traditions across the planet and through the ages converge on astounding findings- they all call us to find the miraculous bridge within to cross from the separation of ego-based life to the higher ground, the higher script, the awakened global mind, where we enter the Unified Field of Sacred Presence.Whether the call of Tao, or Aum, or Yahweh, or Christ, or Allah, or Buddha's Emptiness...they all share the same fundamental diagnosis that ego-based life brings individual and collective human suffering of all kinds, and that finding the sacred bridge -The Rainbow Bridge- that reveals and models the secret of unity-in-diversity and diversity-in-unity is the crossing to the higher life of peace and joyous living.
“Brent Hunter’s The Rainbow Bridge overturns the doom and gloom mindset that is so prevalent today. Brent gets down to explore the worm’s eye details of the biggest challenges facing our planet while zooming out to the big picture perspective. In addressing terrorism for instance, Brent acknowledges that poverty and lack of hope are root causes of terrorism and to solve our global problems, including terrorism, we must address the root causes.The Rainbow Bridge highlights that global problems require global solutions. The book’s message of hope brings to life the old adage from the great visionary inventor Buckminster Fuller who acknowledged, ’You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”
The Rainbow Bridge is truly the bridge to world peace starting with inner peace – this is just what humanity needs right now.”
The Rainbow Bridge is one of those rare books that you find once in a blue moon. It is an inspiring book that celebrates diversity on a global scale and contains eye-opening ideas that will help create a better world. Let’s come together in the name of peace and sanity, and grow into a global movement of peace in our lifetimes. Thank you, Brent Hunter, for your vision and for your profound contribution to peace in the world. I heartily recommend The Rainbow Bridge to everyone who desires inner peace as well as world peace.”
The Rainbow Bridge is a therapeutic trove of wisdom – truly bridging all our traditions, beliefs and deepest aspirations for our human family and common future!”
“As an Olympic Pentathlete I had an amazing experience using only mental rehearsal to place second at the Olympic Trials for my third Olympic Team. The Rainbow Bridge is a powerful book and a groundbreaking project that can bring large numbers of people to engage these same abilities to envision and take collective action to create the peaceful world we all want to live in. It is an exciting moment in history and The Rainbow Bridge is an example of a world-class project that is innovative, inclusive, and engages our highest creative capabilities.”
“I highly recommend The Rainbow Bridge to everyone who cares about living meaningfully and making a difference in our troubled world. It is an inspiring book, focusing on important universal principles. At one level it is a book about our shared experiences of living, dying and dreaming. At another level, it is a book about responsibility for ourselves, each other and the world. The Rainbow Bridge is filled with hope and simple wisdom in the tradition of Lao Tzu that one can return to again and again.”
The Rainbow Bridge summarizes the common spiritual heritage of mankind. It is the shared resource we need to enter on a path that bridges our problems and leads us to a world worthy of the highest aspirations of a species that not only has consciousness, but can and must have planetary consciousness.”
“We all are dreaming of achieving Inner Peace and we all are hoping to witness World Peace in our lifetime. Brent N. Hunter's book The Rainbow Bridge, now in its 4th edition, shows us the ways to cross this visionary Bridge, carefully constructed with Love, Compassion and Wisdom. Trust your mind that you can cross this Bridge, open your heart and you will be surprised what you find on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge so enticingly laid out by its author. You will feel enriched and rewarded.”
“Seeing the Earth from a great distance, astronauts see a single interconnected world with no physical boundaries where we are all one family of humanity. That vantage point also shows us the absolute need to come together to peacefully solve our issues. Brent Hunter’s book The Rainbow Bridge is a treasure that can help lead us in the right direction. Let’s move forward together to help create a new global operating system that works for all of humanity.”
“Brent Hunter has written a book to be read again and again. Rainbows are visions and Brent shows how we all share common truths and a global vision. As the song says ‘someday we’ll find it, the Rainbow Connection’ and it starts here with The Rainbow Bridge. And in time we will achieve the happy world my late husband, Dr. Robert Muller, believed is possible.”
“In a world of frills, diversions and dangerous detours we find ourselves lost without true guidance. Once again Brent Hunter brings us the guidance we need from the essence teachings of the wisdom traditions. Just when we think we have met the wall a bridge appears. Take it.”
The Rainbow Bridge is a breath of fresh air during challenging times. It is a bold and groundbreaking book that should be required reading in schools and universities around the world. This book should be talked about around our dinner tables and in the media. Thank you, Brent Hunter, for showing us how we can bridge the gap between war and peace, to a better world for all.”
“The world is waking up to what Brent Hunter has been saying for a decade. The new planetary era we are co-creating must be infused with wisdom – wisdom which is the foundation of most spiritual approaches today. You will love the quotes that run throughout the entire book. It occurred to me that this would make a great book to put by your bedside so that you could thumb through and read and reflect on the wisdom of each page. Hunter brings us up to the current era by, including such newly formed movements as the global commons and offers a living path to a meaningful and purposeful life within the challenges of the 21st century.”
“This profound gem is packed with a deep well of insights and wisdom. Communicating in a heartfelt way, with a clear desire to unify humanity, Brent Hunter gives us a roadmap to the conscious evolution of humanity. A book to carry, consult often and give awayto all those you care about.”
“Being a pioneering adventurer and a global citizen, I have raised my universal peace flag at three poles of the world. As an honorary diplomat, I have pursued unconventional methods of diplomacy in the promotion of universal peace. Brent Hunter’s groundbreaking book, The Rainbow Bridge, is a must-read for anyone who dreams of a better world and wants to know how we can get there. Let’s come together to make world peace our reality now.”
“Holding a positive image for humanity is a transformational act. Connecting what we can be as a civilization with who we are as a complex and varied people is the bridge work that will allow us to live into our roles as agents of love and peace. The Rainbow Bridge is a much needed operating manual that will help us reach our highest potentials- individually and as a multicultural family. This book is a must read for all who hold the image of our collective greatness.”
“Diversity in religion, spirituality and culture is an unqualified good for humanity. Gandhi said in his time that ‘The friendly study of other religions is the sacred duty of each one of us’. Now more than ever we need to become experts of the major traditions of spirituality and religion. To do so will allow our collective understanding to see the common ground we all stand on in our various faiths. Brent Hunter is a person with a mission to spread the acceptance of pluralism around the world. His book, The Rainbow Bridge, is a gem reflecting rays of wisdom from all the traditions of the religions, pointing to the common ground among us. We must learn to be comfortable on this bridge because it is our future.”
“The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful vision and a practical set of principles and practices to realize what His Holiness the Dalai Lama likes to call for, "World Peace Through Inner Peace!" Great thanks to Brent Hunter! It can be envisioned, enjoyed and crossed over by anyone, whatever their religion or non-religion, if they just trust their own imaginations, and let themselves embrace the positive. I recommend The Rainbow Bridge to myself and to all of you, safe and sound always as it gently and blissfully arches through our inmost hearts.”